In this episode, and the first Tech in Shanghai VIDEO interview, I sit down with Žiga Drev, Co-Founder of, the “First purpose-built protocol for supply chains based on Blockchain.”

We discuss the ongoing (at the time) ICO, how their protocol will be used, and the work he and his team have done in the preceding months to prepare for this stage in their development, including graduating from Batch 2 of the accelerator program in Shanghai, and being awarded the ‘Walmart Food Safety Innovation Spark Award’ in Beijing

We also delve into how OriginTrail has transitioned from a conventional to now a blockchain-focused company, and Žiga explains how his company is using Blockchain to bring more transparency, accountability and trust to the food supply chain.

Finally, we discuss what it’s like to be a young entrepreneur in a booming industry, that seems set to radically change how we live, interact and conduct business.

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*NOTE* – I refer to ‘OriginTrail’ as ‘OpenTrail’ throughout this interview. This was a massive brainfart on my part, which Žiga seemed too polite to correct me on, and which persisted despite his using the correct term throughout. My apologies to Žiga and the OriginTrail team, as well as to the listeners for any confusion. I’ll be sure to correct this in future interviews!

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