In this episode I speak with Zennon Kapron, founder of Kapron Asia and author of the book ‘Chomping at the Bitcoin’.

Kapron Asia is a well-known financial consulting and market research firm in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Zennon became familiar with Bitcoin through his work as a financial consultant in Shanghai, and watched closely in 2013 when Bitcoin-mania was sweeping through China. Chomping at the Bitcoin gives the first EXCLUSIVE analysis of China’s role in the ongoing Bitcoin saga.

In addition to geeking out on Bitcoin, Zennon and I talk about other innovation happening in the financial industry in China and around the world. We discussed the increasingly influential role of the large tech companies, primarily Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent and their role in reshaping the banking, investing and payments landscape (and in fact how such innovation may actually slow Bitcoin’s adoption).

Zennon also shared with me his observation that it was Blockchain, not Bitcoin, that has been getting all the attention from the mainstream financial community these days. Apparently it’s what’s on the lips of senior people at many of the major financial institutions, and Zennon explains why.

Other than that, we get into Shanghai’s volatile stock market, the shadow banking industry, foreign tech companies trying to compete in China and much more. Enjoy!

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