Stone Shi is the founder of the extremely popular social food-discovery app, Bon App!

Stone was born in China, but studied and worked in the US for several years, returning to seize the opportunity that modern China began to represent.

In this interview we discuss the reasons why Stone decided to walk away from a lucrative corporate career, to jump into the highly uncertain world of tech startups. As well as what the journey has been like as a result, both pros and cons.

We also discuss the many challenges that consumer app startups face in terms of building a broad user base, a passionate community, and of course, a sustainable monetization model.

The road has not been easy for Stone and the team at Bon App!, and as he mentions in the interview, to have any chance of success in this realm, you really need to know and believe in what you are trying to build and create.

What is the point of putting your effort into this? Why is it (the most) meaningful thing to you? If you don’t have those, he explains, your chances of staying the course and persevering when the journey takes (prolonged) unexpected and painful turns, are slim.

To that end, Stone shares how he found his ‘why’ and how doing so has given him the stamina to continue trying to actualize his vision for Bon App!

Of course, he also gives us a sneak peak into some of the exciting things Bon App! has planned for the future!

For more info, check out or search “Bon App!” in your App store.


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Quotes from the show:


“People tend to trust you more if you invest your own money”

“Your startup is yourself, institutionalized.”

“Open your mind and embrace serendipity.”

“Forget about your weaknesses, double down on your strengths.”

“Can you do one more rep?”

“When it’s your own money, you tend to make the better decisions.”

“How big your business becomes is based on the extent to which you understand your own limits.”