In this episode we speak with Steve Mushero, Foudner and CEO of ChinaNetCloud. Steve is a rare guest, who is both a veteran of Silicon Valley in the dot-com days, as well as someone who has been involved in the Chinese Tech industry, from it’s initial growth spurt, up to the innovative and globally influential behemoth it is rapidly becomming today.

ChinaNetCloud was founded in 2008 and is “China’s leading Internet Server Management Company”

Steve and I cover a lot of ground in this episode, looking back at his experiences in Silicon Valley, how they compare to the current Tech and Startup landscape in China, the incredible pace at which things are moving here, and how he sees it developing into the future.

Of course, we also discuss his journey as a trailblazing entrepreneur in the notoriously competitive Chinese technology industry, and the personal and professional perspectives and approaches he’s used to be successful at it.

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