In this episode I speak with Sebastien Gaudin, CEO and Co-Founder of The CareVoice.

The CareVoice is an up and coming company based in Shanghai that provides a mobile app where patients can rate as well as read and write reviews for medical care providers in China—effectively creating a ‘yelp’ for healthcare.

Sebastian shared with me a number of the things he and his team have learned since starting, including a unique method he uses to track his teams performance, by identifying correlations between team activity, behaviour or attitude and corresponding peaks and valleys in overall performance or progress.

We also touch on his personal journey to entrepreneurship, and what circumstances led him to finally make the ‘leap’ into founding a startup. This is something an increasing number of people are confronting today, and I believe Sebastian provides some good advice on how to approach it.

Finally, having freshly closed a fundraising round, Sebastian shares with us his fundraising experience and some tips on how to do it successfully—including how much to raise, how to choose investment partners, how long it should take and more.

There’s something in this episode for everyone, so check it out and enjoy!

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