In this episode I am joined by Sam Hwang, CEO and Founder of New Pathway Education (now part of the EIC Education group).

Sam is a Korean American and represents a great example of a foreign entrepreneur living the quote ‘Chinese dream’.

However prior to his success, Sam encountered many of the same issues that confront so many who take the leap into entrepreneurship in a foreign country.

In this show we discuss how to deal with negative and discouraging feedback from friends and family, and listening to that gut feeling that just tells you to ‘Go for it’.

Sam also shares with us some practical tips based on his own experience on how to overcome the many challenges that await foreign entrepreneurs in China.

Finally, we discuss the mentality of success, and how rather than wanting to sail off in to the sunset, the truly great entrepreneurs (Sam included) are inspired by their success and want to use their experiences, network and capital to push forward into ever bigger challenges.

If you need a little inspiration and some helpful hints, look no further!

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