Rina is the co-founder of Seedlink, a company based in Shanghai that uses AI and machine-learning to assist companies in more effectively managing their HR decisions.

By analyzing the speech patters of candidates, and comparing that to a data set of top performs in different positions throught the company they are working with, Seedlink is able to drastically increase the likelihood that companies will make hires that are better equiped to do the job well, and who are also likely to be a great match with the company culture.

Seedlink’s technology and approach is also helping to even the playing field for job seekers, helping to remove commone biases based on age, gender, race, education and work experience, and increasing the chances that they will fill a position that they are good at, but also enjoy!

Needless to say, in a world where even the largest companies are facing massive disruption, having a tool to help make better and faster hiring (and firing) decisions can be a huge asset.

In addition to her company, Rina and I dive in to all the other challenges and unique experiences that result from being a foreign entrepreneur in the Tech industry in China.


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