Jay is one of three co-founders behind the wildly popular ecommerce site, baopals.com

If you haven’t heard of Baopals, it’s basically taobao, but with language and function customized for english speakers. Same enormous selection (over 800 million products and services!), just way easier to use, especially if your mandarin isn’t quite 标准。

Baopals is less than two years old but has grown from humble roots in the founders’ apartment to a big office and a full-time staff of over 30 people (and growing).

In this episode Jay talks about how they came up with the idea, bootstrapping the initial website (instead of seeking early funding), early mistakes, and how they have dealt with their rapid growth.

With increasing users, press coverage and investor interest, we also discuss what is next for baopals. I won’t spoil it, but the boys have BIG plans.

Jay, and his co-foudners Charlie and TJ  were just a few guys who had been living in Shanghai for years, and wanted more out of their life and time here. So despite never having done anything like this before, they came up with the idea, decided they were going to do it, and jumped in head first.

I asked Jay to share a little about how he and his co-founders made the transition, and any advice he may have on how others might do something similar.

The baopals story, though early in it’s telling, is an inspiring example of how friendship, determination, a good idea, and a little luck, can turn in to something really special.

For more info, or to get yo’ shop on, head over to www.baopals.com


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