Break Bread!

We all know that life, and in particular business, is about relationships more than anything else, right?

But genuine relationships do not come from networking events or invitations on linked In.

Genuine relationships—friendships—come from people enjoying time and having fun together, not thinking about what can be gained from exchanging a business card.

The irony of course, is that when we build genuine friendships, they often lead to myriad other opportunities and positive outcomes that we would never expect.

Friendship is the primary variable in the value of our “network”, and yet, there are very few defined ways of initiating such friendships.

So we thought, what better way to relax, laugh, strike up meaningful conversationsto create REAL friendships— than to enjoy a great meal together, to “break bread” as it were?

To us, there are none.


So, here’s how it works:

We invite a handful of the industry leaders we know that are most relevant to your business, combine them with senior management from your company, and sprinkle in our magic to host an intimate evening of great food, drink and conversation.

No business card swapping or WeChat scanning will be happening here. All attendants will be sent contact details and a brief summary of each guest prior to the dinner, so everyone can simply focus on having a great time together.

Hosting a “founder’s night off” gives your team the opportunity to learn about industry dynamics, common pitfalls, hidden opportunities, uncommon insights and lots more, all while building long-lasting genuine relationships with highly experienced and highly connected local founders and CEO’s.

If you are a foreign company looking to enter the China market, or perhaps already here but want to expand and deepen your connections, this is the way to do it for REAL.

This is REAL market research, REAL networking, REAL strategy, REAL ROI…and it’s a hell of a lot more fun (and effective) than the way it’s usually done. (But we can send you the most recent ‘China Report’ from BCG if you want:P)



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