In this episode of the Tech in Shanghai podcast, I speak with one of Shanghai’s most switched-on and inspiring young entrepreneurs, and CEO of Dyad, Mr. Greg Nance.

Dyad is an online, mentorship-based, university admissions preparatory service, and Greg is it’s founder and fearless leader. If you want to dramatically increase your chances of getting into the University and/or program of you choice, be sure to check out Dyad.

As for Greg, he’s not really that impressive at all…of course, I’m kidding. Greg is a rare bird, in the best way possible. Sharp as a tack, brimming with confidence, passion, and enthusiasm, Greg is one of those people who after speaking with him, you feel an energy, a charge and an optimism to go out and make stuff happen!

As intelligent as Greg is, he also has another common attribute with many of the great entrepreneurs..grit. Call it determination, stubbornness, un-wavering belief, or straight up masochism, Greg is a fighter, who anticipates hardship, and conditions himself for it in advance.

We delve into this concept of ‘building resilience’ in our chat. We also discuss his approach to decision-making, on daily tasks, but also on how, in a world of opportunity, to choose where to place your focus, or more simply, what to fully ‘commit’ to.

Dyad has also gone through a round of Venture funding, and Greg had some exceptional, must-hear advice on pitching, handling rejection, and in reference to the whole fundraising process,  ‘starting before you start’.

Oh yeah, Greg also runs ultra-marathons, sometimes in the desert..why? Well apart from being a huge believer in the primary importance of physical health and fitness (Side note: The Dyad team does whole-office workouts together), Greg believes pushing oneself physically is integral in building that mental toughness that pays so many dividends as an entrepreneur.

Of course we go into lots of practical tips, the morning routine Greg follows to set up his day, the importance in keeping in touch with friends and family (some advice that I desperately needed to hear) and much more.

Finally, in the high-stress, emotional roller-coaster life that is entrepreneurship, Greg offers a simple piece of advice, which is. “Do something every day that has no other purpose but to make you smile”. This was one of my favourites, enjoy!

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