In this episode of the Tech in Shanghai podcast I speak with Erik Walenza-Slabe, Director of Startup Grind Shanghai and founder of IoT One, a platform devoted to promoting the adoption of industrial internet solutions.

I wanted to have Erik on the show, not only for the interesting work he is doing, and the unique experiences he has compiled during his time in China, but also because as Director of Startup Grind, he is very-much plugged in to the startup community in Shanghai.

Unsurprisingly, Erik tells me that the interest in joining the events he organizes and hosts has grown tremendously over the past couple of years, and I probe him for some insight into what kind of people are attending, and what they are hoping to gain by doing so.

We also delve in to his latest project, IoT One, and have some fun speculating on what the future holds for an increasingly connected world.

Erik came to China at a young age, and worked hard to establish himself in an industry that he is passionate and enthusiastic about. As the story of China’s tech boom continues to develop, there will undoubtedly be many young people from all over the world coming to China to get involved, and Erik had some great advice on how to do just that. Enjoy!

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