In this episode of the Tech in Shanghai podcast I speak with Bobby Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of BTCC.

This is actually the second interview I’ve done with Bobby (I highly recommend listening to the first too!), and I always feel so privileged to have the opportunity to speak with someone who is at the very forefront of something so world-changing.

Seriously, it may be hard to see now, as we are still in the early days of Bitcoin, but make no mistake, this technology is REVOLUTIONARY, and one way or another it’s very likely going to have an ENORMOUS influence on our lives at some point in the future. Imagine speaking with the people who first started working with the internet or with the founders of Google in the late nineties? That’s what it feels like to speak with a guy like Bobby today.

On a personal level, Bobby is a friendly, polite, all-around nice guy. He’s always very welcoming when I visit the BTCC office, and always generous in giving me time for our chats, which is amazing given all the things he has on his plate.

Our conversation recently was enjoyable as usual, and we discussed THE D.A.O. excitement and controversy, the recent run-up in the price of Bitcoin, the upcoming block reward halving, what kind of traction Bitcoin has garnered over the past year, the possible influence of AI over Bitcoin, his own investments in Bitcoin startups, the emergence of Craig Wright claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, and lots more.

If you’re not an expert in Bitcoin, don’t worry, Bobby has a knack for making the advanced world of Bitcoin exceedingly easy to understand.

If you want to be ahead of the curve in understanding what money will look like in the future, and why you might want to look into Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies sooner rather than later, this episode is worth a listen. Enjoy!

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Here are a few bits from Bobby to wet your appetite:

Q: How stressful is it to be involved in a leading startup in such a fast-moving industry and disruptive technology?
A: “It’s stressful. But it’s the path we’ve chosen, and I wouldn’t change it”

Q: If you could put something on a billboard, what would it say?
A: Understand how our current monetary system REALLY works. ‘What is money really?’

Q: What’s the hardest part of your job?
A: “To wake up everyday and convince myself I’m not crazy.”

Q: Advice to 20yr old self?
A: Go out and try different things: meaning, different jobs in different disciplines, different industries, and working for different bosses. The world is a big place, so seeing more of it will allow me to better calibrate on what I truly want in life.

Q: What is your advice for entrepreneurs who are fundraising?
A: First of all, only become an entrepreneur in a field/discipline/industry that really interests you. You have to have the passion and it has to be genuine and real. Then, build and bring together an awesome team (co-founders or early employees) whom you really want to work together with. Products, business plans, revenue models can come later. It’s the passion and the team that is hard to come by. If you have that, show that to investors.

Q: How do you pick yourself up when feeling down?
A: By remembering a few things:  All humans make mistakes, even me. Everyone goes through ups and downs, with cycles that range in days, months, or even years. When down, it cannot get worse, as everything will soon get better. In the end, if you can’t die from it, don’t worry!

Q: What is the most important skill to develop as an entrepreneur?
A: It’s all about the people. Here are some of the most important ones relating to talent. Learn: How to find, recognize, attract, and hire talented people. How to motivate and develop the team you have. How to quickly recognize and let go of individuals who don’t perform.

Q: What attributes do you think are most responsible for your success?
A: Having a smile, having a positive attitude, being eternally optimistic (in situations and in people).Having a strong opinion of what’s good and bad; Demanding high standards and high quality.  Being curious, and knowing that everything has a reason. Why are certain things designed and made the way they are? There must be a good reason; figure it out!

Q: If you were a superhero, which one would you be?
A: I don’t know…Iron Man maybe? He’s pretty technical:)



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